By Julia Livingston

Sherman Smith is a singer from Curaçao currently living in the Netherlands. His musical style involves an innovative mixture of Kizomba, Zouk, Latin, and Urban RnB. He has topped the music charts in his native Curaçao, and received numerous awards including the Go Weekly Award for best singer of the year. I met with Sherman Smith to ask him about his current musical endeavours.

What is it like to be making music in the Netherlands?

I love living here. There is a big audience here for what I do, and please have reacted to my music in a very interesting way. My music is getting played in dance clubs around the country as well as throughout Europe, and this was one of my aims coming here. Another aim I had moving here was to connect with Europe’s musical scene. I have been able to collaborate with some great musical artists, which has in turn broadened and enriched my music compositions.

What other musical artists have you collaborated with?

I have collaborated with quite a few. Some of the most interesting experiences I had include collaborations with Dutch singer Brace. It was great working with him. In Curaçao, I have performed also with great musicians including Ephrem J and Dlbo D. I have also collaborated with the lead singer of Sonnos band, Url Isenia.

What is your creative process when you write a song?

The music fist starts as a thought in my head. I imagine the melody, I imagine the world the song creates, and I let it sit there in my head for some time. If I still remember the song later on, then I know it’s good enough to start working on it. Sometimes I do improvised singing in the studio while recording, and if I hear something I like, I keep it. I am not a producer, so I mostly focus on the singing aspect of the songs and what I want the song to convey, and then work with different producers to make the track.

Sherman Smith and Brace

What music are you listening to these days?

I like Nelson Freitas, Trey Songs, Chris Brown, Juan Luis Guerra. My musical taste is very varied.

What is it like performing this music in Curaçao?

Performing is Curacao is very special to me because that’s where I come from. Generally speaking, I always thought that people in my home country are very kind. I feel this first-hand when I perform there. This goes very well with the music I do, which, if anything, I’d like it to be used to spread kindness and general love for humanity.