Barack Obama has already established a unique legacy as becoming the first African-American president, winning the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian efforts, as well as being a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Nevertheless, he has devoted considerable efforts in supporting various national charities, encouraging them to achieve their targets.

He recently praised Californian non-profit organization Taking It To The Streets. Headquartered in California, Taking It To The Streets has a unique business model. The organization uses for-profit revenue generated through various sponsorship and fundraising projects conducted via media (radio, television, social media).

The projects are aimed at generating public interest, and ultimately raising funds for charitable causes, using profits towards helping people in poverty. The organization also partners with for-profit businesses as well as non-profit philanthropic organizations to work on major projects throughout the country.

Barack Obama said:

“With gratitude, I want to applaud your launching of Taking it to the Streets. With our government’s ongoing financial challenges, the implementation of new, creative means of raising revenues for our fellow countrymen in need is of paramount importance.”

Taking It To The Streets provides housing, educational training, as well as food and medical services to individuals with low income throughout California, U.S. The non-profit organization was founded by American entrepreneur Rene Boisvert. Boisvert has founded and developed numerous major start-ups, and has served as Chair and Board Advisor at a various organizations including Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, Oakland Paramount Theatre, and others.

His current work with Taking It To The Streets involves devising new strategies and paths towards generating money for charity. As Barack Obama suggests, the project has been successful at establishing new means of generating revenues for the organizations’ cause.